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No School Saturday: I'm a Vinyl Junkie ... NRM!

Posted on July 25, 2020 at 9:05 AM

Mornin' Ginchers,

Time to remenisce ... it's No School Saturday ... I'm a Vinyl Junkie!  One of my true passions in life is collecting records, vintage records, vinyl ... you might say I'm a VINYL JUNKIE!  I have been collecting vynal for more than fifty years and have more than I could play in the time I have left on this planet however, I still find myself buying records!  It all started with my paper route and my transistor radio, which was cleverly attached to my wagon with gumbands and the antena fully extended.  I would listen to Porky Chedwick, Clark Race, Chuck Brinkman and would write down certain songs that I just had to have.  On Saturdays, I would take the street car dahntahn to National Record Mart and spend my hard earned money on Vinyl.  One of my first jobs was working at National Record Mart on Liberty Avenue at the entrance of Market Square.  The perks were great, I got to see the new releases before anyone else and could play the new records in the store before buying them.  They even had a lay-away program for employees ... I could put the records I wanted behind the counter and pay for them on payday ... needless to say, I didn't make a lot of money.  As I got older and had a drivers license and eventually my own car, I would venture out on Saturday's to other record vacilities which I became hooked ... there was The Attic in Millvale, Jerry's in Oakland, Stedeford's on the Northside, Record Rama, D&J, Rat's and so many more ... I could fullfill my habit with no problem.  Although many people thought that I was foolish to invest my hard earned money in vinyl, I do not regret it.  I later became so interested in Vinyl that I followed in my mentors footsteps (Porky Chedwick) and became a radio DJ.  Thanks to my second mentor in vinyl 101 (Mad Mike Metro) I had a radio show on WZUM.  When that came to an end I had a Sunday night Oldies show on WJAS which led to my spreading out into internet radio with the Carolina Breeze out of the Carolina's of coarse.  Every Sunday night for years I played my favorite vinyl records on the "Breeze" until I had the pleasure to join a group of talented jocks on JUKIN OLDIES, which comes out of Raleigh, N. Carolina.  Yes, every Sunday night at 7:00 PM (EST) I hit the airwaves playing my favorite VINYL Records, some of which I bought with my paper route money!  If you want to experience what it was like back in the day, tune into my show Sunday Nights on, 7:00 until 10:00 PM ... you will see why I'm a VINYL JUNKIE!  Till tomorrow, stay safe, stay healthy, help a neighbor when you can ... and, GOD BLESS!


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Reply william wachter Wachter
9:52 AM on July 25, 2020 
Yep I remember well! I too have every record I ever bought. I think half of my 45s were from McCrorys 3 for a dollar table . My first 45 was Wolverton Mountain!!!!!!Next was Downtown by Petulia and that was the beginning of a life long love with All types of music and many were because of you!!!!! Thanks Smoke!!!!!