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Throw Back Thursday: Nuts and Bolts of Rock n' Roll

Posted on July 23, 2020 at 10:30 AM

Morning Ginchers,

Time for some Throw Bak Thursday ... the Nuts and Bolts of Rock n' Roll ... da Crew!  I have been working in rock n' roll as a musician for more than 55 years now and some times it is truly a test of strength and patience.  There are times when you are singing and can't hear the monitors or the feedback is defening.  The Sound engineers and crew can make you or break you.  I learned this about twenty years into my careeer, I also learned that if you tick the engineer off that your day could be a long one since they have this special button on their board called "THE SUCK BUTTON!".  I was fortunate that for over thirty years I had my own sound crew ... the Nuts and Bolts of Rock n' Roll and the sound engineer was my son ... "J".  You never realize how much that means to you until that crucial piece is no longer with you ... let me get a little deeper here.  When your sound engineer is your son and your best friend in life, someone who has your back no matter what ... the singing part is a breeze.  It gets even better when the entire crew is your family or closest of friends ... here are some of the characters that made up our crew at different times.  Let's start with our road manager ... Big Jim Pierce (retired Chicago Police and Sniper in Vietnam), Jose, our lighting engineer and my Brother-in-Law, Willie, our monitor engineer and my son-in-law, Let's not forget our security and muscle ... Big Bob (Cousin and biker), Davey Rector, bouncer and driver and there were others but that is pretty much the crew in a nutshell.  We have performed in large concert arenas, outdoor concerts, in gymnasiums, granite landmark museums, clubs, cruise ships and the list goes on.  Some places nearly imposible to create a good sound but, our crew always made it work.  Their motto was "First to arrive, the last to leave ... the Crew!"  well all the memories and great times had to come to an end when our crew began to retire and my son was the last to leave (taking on a new and exciting job) ... this happened right before the covid-19 hit us.  Well we have not performed since then, so I can't tell you how much I miss having my son run our sound ... then again with the way things are looking with the destruction of live music, it may never be the same again!  The good thing is ... I will always have the memories and had the best crew in the business ... the nuts and bolts of rock n' roll ... the Halos Crew!  Till tomorrow, stay safe, stay healthy, help a neighbor when you can ... and GOD Bless!


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Reply Denise Murray
11:07 PM on July 23, 2020 
Hi, Jack! It's a shame it has come to this. Hopefully, when things clear up you can have a new crew to continue your awesome shows! When that happens, come to the South Hills more often, please! Tell Al his ex-sister-in-law said hi! I hope your family is doing well. Take care. Denise