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Wa'sup Wednesday: Wa'sup with Scary Clowns?

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 10:20 AM

Mornin' Ginchers,

Let's do another Wa'sup Wednesday and ask ourselves ... "Wa'sup with scary clowns?"  Growing up in the 50's was soooo different than growing up in the 2000's.  Let's take clowns for example.  Back in the day, clowns were a primary source of comedy and cheering people up, especially little kids.  Today clowns are a major source of scaring children and using them as a demonic symbols, such as in our horror movies today.  When I was growing up, Bozo the Clown, Clarabelle with Howdy Doody and even Ronald McDonald was breaking on the scene ... fun, laughable, calming.  Today all I need to say is "IT", and it scares the pants off of most young people.  A Little history about clowns ... the "CLOWN" character developed out of the zanni, Rustic Fool characters of early acient Greek and Roman History.  Buffoon characters, clumbsy characters, used to bring humor to the masses and cheer one up.  In modern day society clowns were used in movies, TV, sitcoms, the circus, in commercials, at birthday parties and especially in parades to bring happiness to young people.  This is what began my love for clowns.  When my daughter was a baby, she had some medical complications and we had to take her to Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh.  The Doctors, Nurses and Staff at Children's were incredible.  My wife and I were so impressed with the way our daughter was treated that I had to do something to pay it forward.  I asked if I could do something to contribute and they said, entertainers are always offering to help, usually around the Holidays ... but, the most needed time for entertainers is during regular days and regular hours and they are not always available.  I said, "You know I always wanted to be a clown (no pun intended), so I'm gonna find out how to do it and will be back to spread some joy here at the Hospital".  So, I attended some clown schools, read some clown books, helped to start the Tri-Rivers Clown Association here in da 'Burgh and became a registered, bonifide clown in the World Clown Association, known to all as "NOODLES the CLOWN!".  I kept my promise and did numerous appearances at Children's Hospital over the years, especially in time of need.  It was the most rewarding thing I ever did, bringing joy to children and families who were experiencing pain in their lives.  I did this for years until I found skin Cancer and could no longer wear make-up.  Yes, Johnny Angel, the singer and entertainer was actually a clown!  That's probably why I don't get angry when someone calls me a clown ... it's actually a fine compliment!  Over the years, I've made friends in the clown world and have found that the common denominator of most clowns is ... love of people and especially bringing joy to kids!  Which is why I ask ... "Wa'sup with scary clowns!"  Till tomorrow stay safe, stay healthy, help a neighbor when you can, be kind to clowns ... and, God Bless!


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