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Wa'sup Wednesday: Wa'sup with the Twist?

Posted on March 25, 2020 at 9:15 AM

Hey Ginchers,

It's Wa'sup Wednesday and I say "Wa'sup with the Twist?" ... The twist is a dance that was first released by Hank Ballard and the Midnighters in the 1950's but, became extremely popular and actually became a dance craze in the 1960's!  The man who gave a new twist to the Twist is Chubby Checker.  Let's talk about the re-birth of the Twist for a minute ... when the new craze began it went like wildfire,  There were twist towels, twist games, twist belts, sitcoms on TV were all doing the twist, kids did the twist and at weddings you even saw seniors doing the twist, I can still see my Bub doing the thist in the Kitchen!  I actually have a Twist exhibit at my Johnny Angel's Music Museum with the Twist belt, signed by Chubby Checker, and a Twist Towel.  Watching people do the twist has always been fun for me, the different styles that people adapted and the certain twist (no pun intended) some put on it.  But, the greatest version was actually watching the Chubster do it live in concert.  I had the pleasure of working with Chubby Checker and what a thrill to see the master do the twist.  Speaking of working with Chubby I remember one particular concert we did together and the Bossman, Porky Chedwick, was with me and he wanted to go visit Chubby.  Well, Chubby was chillin' in his luxury tour bus and didn't want to be disturbed at the time, getting ready for his performance.  I was afraid that if we waitied until after the show, Porky may miss him.  Soooo, I said to Porky, "let's give it a try".  We walked to the tour bus and there was a rather huge man guarding the door and I asked him if we could possibly see Chubby for just a minute and he replied Chubby is getting ready for his performance.  I said would you please just tell him that Johnny Angel and Porky Chedwick just wanted to say a quick hello and welcome.  The huge Man opened the door and said "Mr. Checker there is a Porky Chedwick and Johnny Angel here to see you" ... the voice from inside said "PORKY!, Let them in" .. Chubby hugged Porky and we spent about 15 minutes just chatting with the King of the Twist!  Sometimes, some of the best things in life are your memories!  Stay Safe Ginchers, Stay Healthy and lend a helping hand when you can.  Til tomorrow, God Bless!


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