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Mo' Music Monday: A Three Dog Night

Posted on March 23, 2020 at 9:50 AM

Hey Ginchers,

Welcome to Mo' Music Monday!  Today's question is: "What is a Three Dog Noght and how does it relate to music"?  First the definition, as per the Urban Dictionary ... In the old days of no central heating (the way it was when I was a child, Moore Heater in the main room and lots of blankets in others), a night so cold it took 3 dogs sleeping with you to keep you warm enough.  Music definition one of the greatest rock/soul bands of our generation.  Let's narrow it down, what is a three dog night?  Hmmm, my definition is ... "Chuck Negron!".  I had the pleasure of working with Chuck a few times and Bubba, Jibbo and I  had the honors of singing background for Chuck and the rest of the Halos backing him insrumentally at the Vocal Group Hall Of Fame years back.  What a thrill it was to sing background while hearing the original voice sing songs like, One and Easy To Be Hard.  Chuck Negron has one of the most unique sounds and you know it's him as soon as the vocals start in all of Three Dog Nights hits.  Chuck has been through many ups and downs and has overcome all of his demons.  He is still one of the best touring shows and he still hits those soulful notes.  I try to follow his appearances on the road and enjoy hearing stories about the man.  Do yourselves a favor and look for the book ... "Three Dog Nightmare" ... I treasure my copy, signed by Chuck himself.  For those who think Chuck's career started as a member of Three Dog Night, I have a DooWop surprise for you.  Chuck grew up in the Bronx and sang DooWop with a group called the Rondells and later went by the name Chuck Rondell, recording for Columbia Records and Hart Van Records, best known for his recording in 1963 "I Dream Of An Angel".  My favorite of his from that era was a song called "Bells of My Heart" you can identify his voice as soon as it starts!  So Ginchers, the next time you are up against a Three Dog Night, you can either snuggle up with your dogs or pull out an old Three Dog Night Album and let Chuck Negron warm your SOUL!  Stay safe, stay Healthy and when you can ... lend a helping Hand!


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