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No School Saturday: The Drive-In

Posted on March 21, 2020 at 10:10 AM

Hey Ginchers, it's Saturday,

No School Saturday ... no work, no play, no anything, lock down!  Unfortunately Ginchers, we are all in a state of lock down due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.  Just think if we knew about this years ago, maybe, just maybe they wouldn't have shut down all the Drive-In Theaters!  Since you and your significant other are confind to your car and you really don't have to be with the public, and you really don't have to visit the consession stand since you can always pack a cooler... Let's Go To The Drive-In!  Or let's just say you can't borrow the car tonight and you still are confind to your house, why not pull out your Remco Drive-In Theater play set with the view master slides and your match box cars!  I know your saying to yourself who has one of those ... uhhh, I do!  O K, let's get back to my point.  You have the car, you have a cooler and lunch meat and bread to make sammiches and you can't complain about the cost of gas.  If you are cold, just rent one of the drive-in heaters, that way you don't have to keep the car running. .. load up d'car.  Two movies, cartoons, food, semi-private someone you want to be with ... this could have been the answer!!!  Bring back the good old days ... unfortunately I had to close my Johnny Angel's Ginchy Stuff and Music Museum for  a couple of weeks, or I would invite you all down to have some good old fun and memories ... and, yes I have the Remco Drive-In, a drive-in speaker and a drive-in theater portable heater (like brand new) and a lot of Drive-in and movie lobby cards at the store!  Til tomorrow Ginchers, stay healthy, take care of each other, say your prayers and God Bless!


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