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Feature Friday: Atria's PNC Park ... was there ever a better time?

Posted on March 20, 2020 at 10:05 AM

It's Feature Friday and today we are going to remenisce about one of my favorite times, the early days of my Atria's at PNC Park!  A week doesn't go by that I don't run into someone who brings up the live music days at our Atria's at PNC Park.  The friendships, the loyalty, the extended family it created.  Well in 2001 we started this restaurant as a family oriented, quality food for a great value, restaurant.  The walls were decorated with my memorabilia, there was a small stage with a second floor balcony that wrapped around it, it only sat about 100 people, which we exeeded every Thursday night.  We added entertertainment, live entertainment, I'm talking about a cappella, DooWop Thursday's with guest singers that would show up and join in with either the Wee Jams or Johnny Angel and the Halos, both were the house Street Cormer singers.  Members of so many different groups and some National artists sang on our stage, let's name some guests:  The Magic Moments, El Reys, Tymes, Frankie Avery of the La-Rells, Fred Johnson of the Marcels, The Four Dots, Pecky from Pure Gold and the Groove-U, Jimmy Beaumont of the Skyliners, Jimmie Ross of the Jaggerz and who could forget Charlie and Smitty?  Please excuse me if I missed a few names.  There was singing on the stage, outside on the patio and even in the bathrooms.  We even had legendary Pittsburgh bands, duos and trios play on that little stage, I'm talking about Gary Beloma and the Blues Bombers, Pete Hewlett and Scott Anderson, Billy Price, Donna Groom of the Skyliners, Sputzy, The Joe Lagnese Mini Orchestra, The Dueling Pianos with Harry Levicki and Hermie Granati, Dixie Doc, Etta Cox, The Rivermen, and of coarse Johnny Angel's All Star Jam Band with, Donnie Garvin, Fred Delu, Harry McCorkle, Rege Markl, Dave Molter, Ed Jonnett, Mike Vale of the Shondells, Mary Ann Mangini, Gary Glenn, Pecky, Barry Haughan, and of coarse, Bubba, Pinky and Uncle Loomis.  How about Oldies DJ night honoring the great Porky Chedwick calling out the songs and various DJ's spinning the records; Rookie Rick, Laid Back Lenny, Barry Haughan and Fred Bohn playing all your Pittsburgh favorites.  The best memory I have of these wonderful nights is being on stage and looking at the bar 3 rows deep, friends standing on the stairs to the balcony and friends hanging over the balcony and the tables so full that the servers could hardly get through and with all of those people, everyone got along.  The smiles were contagious and the hugs were sincere.   All good thing must end but the memories will carry on forever!!!


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