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Wa'sup Wednesday: Where did all the Music Venues go?

Posted on March 18, 2020 at 9:35 AM

Remember the 60's song/chant, where have all the flowers gone?  Well, here is todays song/chant ... Where have all the music venues gone?  I feel bad for the young musicians of today, breaking into or trying to break into the music scene this day in age.  There are not a lot of teen music venues today like there were in my day.  As a teenager, we had clubs for under 18 year olds, dances, church functions, YMCA dances and for adults there were clubs and live music facilities in just about every part of Pittsburgh.  We could work almost everyday of the week and if you ventured up to Geneva on the Lake or Erie or even Dubois for heaven sake you could work everyday of the week and matinees on the week-ends.  The teen clubs in Pittsburgh were plentiful: White elephant, Teen Scene, West View Danceland, The Red Rooster, The Zodiac, the Prism, just to mention a few.  As for clubs with music in the 'Burgh I remember, Cuddles, R-House, Sunset East, Wooden Keg, The Decade, Swizzle Stick, Love-In, Oriental Lounge, I could go on for the rest of this page.  Now there are only a few clubs and hardly no teen facilities.  Some of the restaurnt/bar/clubs are trying to keep it alive by providing a small corner where they removed a few tables for the band to set up and there are those that truly do provide live music like Moondogs, Jergel's, Edgewood Winery, Thunderbird and more however there are no where near the amount of facilities of days gone by.  With the decline of music facilities and the rise of technology, the art of making music, raw music not pre-fab singing or playing to tracks, is becoming a lost art.  Many schools have removed their music programs and those that have kept them have an abundance of students playing various instruments.  My hat goes off the North Hills School district.  I went to see my granddaughter and grandson play a concert at the Junior high and there were orchestra's for each and every grade from elementary students to seniors in High School... and believe it or not ... they all sound great.  With the hope that live music carries on, and the interest in young people to perfom, all we need now are more venues to perform ... Wa'sup with that!


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