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Tune In Tuesday: Mad Mike Metro

Posted on March 17, 2020 at 9:20 AM


Tune in Tuesday!  As many of you know, I am a radio days nut, I love the old days of radio, the Jocks, the Personalities, the raw, off the cuff lingo and the spontaneous moments.  The music was new to us at first but then we became experts of the devils music (as the adults called it).  We had two of these insane jocks in da 'Burgh ... Porky Chedwick and Mad Mike Metro.  Today's focus is on Mad Mike.  Mike started out in his quest for radioland as a Mr. Pittsburgh, clean cut, fit to the bone, bad ass with an ear for different, garage sound bands and soon turned into a madman.   His dances were geared toward the crazy Street kids, the juvinile deliquent types, the leather jacketed, hair slicked back, wine drinking rebellious teen.  Yes, my friends, I was one of them!  My favorite Mad Mike Dance was at West View Park Danceland ... one could hear the thumping and the drive of the music two bloccks away.  As you approached the doors to danceland you could feel the adreneline building and once the door opened it was utopia ... devils music ... teens dancing and jumping almost out of control!  Tunes like "Red Rose Tea", "No One Else Will Do", "Gizmo", "The Hunch" and the grand Daddy of them all ... "Psycho!!!!!".  Mike's 45 rpm record collection was unbelievable and unique.  He would actually pull the labels off of the records so nobody knew what he was playing, they were his finds and he was the ruler.  As years went by, I became good friends with Mad Mike and he would frequently stop buy showing me records in his trunk and turning me on to new finds.  In the year 2000 Mad Mike Metro was back on the air ... WZUM with a new line up of jocks and record finds.  He invited me to be part of the teram and I jumped at the opportunity.  The new studio was in the window of DePietro's Pizza on Saw Mill Run Blvd.  The equipment was antique and only held together by the wisdom and care taking of Mad Mike Metro.  I remember the first day on the air and Mad Mike standing behind me smiling and every now and then his giggle or crazy voice could be heard in the back ground.  Well, those days are now gone, Mad Mike has passed and is sitting in Rock 'n' Roll Heaven with Porky Chedwick playing the Devil's Music ... Oh how things change.  By the way the Devil's Music (as once proclaimed) is not so bad anymore and by today's standards more like a lullabye.  If you would like to see more about these two great jocks, stop by my Johnny Angel's Ginchy Stuff and Music Musuem ... and, I'll even share more of the stories!  You can catch my Johnny Angel's Heavenly Soul Show every Sunday nght from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM (EST) on


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