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Mo Music Monday: Street Corner Harmony

Posted on March 16, 2020 at 10:50 AM

Hey Ginchers,

Welcome to Mo' Music Monday!  Last night as I was doing my radio show and remeniscing with Caesar Berry of the Tymes, we talked about an event that happened years ago here in Pittsburgh.  The event was called Pittsburgh Thunder a drag racing event that took place around the Three Rivers Stadium.  After the drag races and car events there was to be a conceert with yours truly, Johnny Angel and the Halos, Fred Johsnon of the Original Marcels, Frankie Ford of "Sea Cruise" fame and the Original Tymes.  Unfortunately there was a bad storm that blew though right before the concert that caused a major power outage...concert cancelled.  As we sat in the dressing room, my friend Caesar Berry said "we can't let all those people down we have to do something, let's go out and do it Street Corner style!"  So we said to the co-ordinator of the event, John Gagetta, can you get the cars to form a giant circle in the parking lot and put their headlights on...sure enough there was a giant circle of cars with headlights on, we walked to the center of the circle as people formed a ring around us and like magic, Street Corner Harmony broke out, The Halos, TheTymes, Fred Johnson, Frankie Ford, Bill Dell, DooWop like nobody's went on for over an hour!  Some who attended this event said it was the greatest show they have ever witnessed, When we finished we all moved over to our Restaurant, Atria's and the Johnny Angel Lounge at PNC Park.  Before we could get inside, the singing broke out right there on the sidewalk in front of the Restaurant, this time more Pittsburgh DooWopers began chiming in.  I personally rank it up there with one of my all time favorite gigs.  As Caesar and I later talked, this is how it was in our day whether you were from Philly, Pittsburgh, New York, Chicago, didn't matter it was happening all over the gathering on the street corner or school yard and chirpin'!  To this very day, any time a group of singers get together you can be sure that it will break out into song, Street Corner Harmony!  I try to keep these memories and this music style alive at my Johnny Angel's Ginchy Stuff and Music Museum ... stop by and experience the good old days!


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